Nerida Smith

Head Trainer and Owner

Nerida is the founder and owner of Exquisite Fitness and has been training clients of all walks of life for over 8 years. Nerida has a certificate IV in personal training and has completed numerous other specified courses to assist in increasing her skills to meet all facets of the community, including antenatal and postnatal clients.

Nerida originally started Exquisite Fitness as she was having difficulty finding an exercise facility herself that allowed her to have the children safely looked after while she had that all-important time to herself.

‘……so often, Mums and Dads invested so much time and energy into their children, at the expense of their own mental and physical health. I believed it was so important for parents to have that ‘time-out’ to just concentrate on themselves. It was also really important that they got ‘real’ results and exercised in a way that would make them feel good again…to regain themselves, their vitality and their energy…. This is my passion: to show people what they are capable of and how good it feels to be fit and healthy again.

Exquisite Fitness has now evolved to all facets of the community – men and women of all ages train at the amazing new studio and Nerida continues to have a huge drive and passion to help train people to become the best versions of themselves. Opening the Studio has been a dream come true and with access now to an incredible amount of training tools, clients will continue to get better and better results.

Linda Marsden

Senior Trainer

Linda has a degree in exercise physiology and a certificate 4 in personal training. She has undertaken additional training and gained experience in working with special populations including weight management (adults and children), pregnant and postnatal women, and children and young people.

Since 2017, Linda has been working at Exquisite Fitness as a personal trainer and group class leader. The community feel and the committed clients make Exquisite Fitness a fantastic place to work. The new studio with its luxe feel, the great range of equipment and the generous creche all combine to make getting in a regular work out a pleasure.

Nicole Medway

Pilates Instructor

Nicole has been in the Pilates industry for over 10 years, starting her journey as a student. It was from seeing the positive experience of seeing her own body change that I wanted to learn more about Pilates and share the passion that she had developed with others.

Nicole has completed her Comprehensive Pilates Instructors Course through BASI (Body, Arts and Science International) in 2009 and has worked in several studios since.

Nicole has had huge success with her clients’ pain management and body awareness education: including working comprehensively with injury rehabilitation, pre and postnatal Pilates and general body conditioning.

Nicole is hugely passionate about Pilates and sharing this passion with others, watching them grow within the method.
Nicole has been instructing Pilates with Exquisite Fitness for 4 years, starting her teaching in the park and continuing to the Studio.

Katie Sloper


Katie has completed her Cert III in Fitness and has been a client herself of Exquisite since its inception: being a constant, friendly face around the Studio has allowed her to develop many connections to the clients and complete knowledge of the ethos behind Exquisite and the philosophies behind the unique programming.

Amanda Herring


Amanda is our ‘Zen Master’ and is in charge of our yoga, stretch and booty burn classes. Amanda has been teaching yoga for many years and is so passionate about bringing body awareness and relaxation to clients. Her immense knowledge of the muscles and how to lengthen, strengthen and tighten them is next to none.



I have been training with Nerida and Exquisite Fitness for 5 and a half years now and I have loved every single second of it. Nerida plans each and every session with care and I don’t think I have done two the same in all those years. Nerida is warm and encouraging and brings out […]

First session today and made to feel so welcome! Able to fit in a fantastic training session with kids safe and happy.

I have been with Exquisite Fitness for 15 months now and love how every class is different, fun and challenging! Nerida is very informative, has great advice on exercise and nutrition and offers fitness testing & measurements every 5 weeks. I have noticed a change in my body shape and mental well being ☺️. Love […]