My Count-Down to the Stage – Part 1

OK so I debated for a while about whether to share my current journey with everyone but I have decided to do so in the hope that everyone out there on any type of health challenge will find some inspiration and realise that no matter what your goal and no matter who you are, EVERYONE has bad days, everyone needs to have lots of will-power and determination and be able to dig deep when the going gets tough

So, my biggest goal this year is to compete in the INBA bikini/sports-model competition in Brisbane on 26th May.

Every year, I like to challenge myself to achieve a goal that is both challenging and different and which forces me to go to new limits of determination and strength. Last year, my goal was to compete and complete Tough Mudder – I successfully did this in Sydney in September and to accomplish such a physically difficult task was one of the best feelings of my life.

You need to find a goal that is attainable for you ~ It doesn’t need to be conquering the world, it just has to be something that will force you to buckle down and put yourself out of your comfort zone….A few years ago, after having my first bub, I made a goal to compete in my first triathlon….I made the goal not long after having bub so I wasn’t fit at all….I therefore decided that the “enticer” was enough of a challenge for me (200m swim, 5km bike ride and 2km ride)….When I completed my first one I felt so emotional as it was a big goal for me at the time and I had achieved it….At the stage of fitness I’m currently at, the enticer would not be enough of a challenge for me, hence the Tough Mudder challenge last year and now, what I believe to be, the toughest one of all!

The reason I believe this is more difficult is because of the strictness of it all – I have a totally new found respect for fitness models who do this year after year….I have always eaten well and fuelled my body with the foods it needs to keep fairly fit but never before have I used kitchen scales to weigh my food, thought about how many macros comprise each meal I eat, had to be so fastidious about what I eat and at what time, had to deny myself a precious cup of tea, had to worry about what carbs I eat pre and post training and never have I had to be so focused and determined in the type of training I do and when….

I never realised (and especially since having kiddies) how many little things you put in your mouth throughout the day – No longer can I put a little teency tiny crust into my mouth that has been cut off my kiddies’ sandwich….No longer can I pop one little chippie in my mouth from the kiddies’ packet….No longer can I take a bite out of hubbie’s sandwich….

So I am now almost one week into my 12 week comp prep and each day is easier and easier….It’s so easy to look at the long road ahead on these plans but it is really important to just take each day at a time and feel your body respond and get stronger and leaner…..I started my official prep on a Sunday as this was the day I traditionally was more relaxed with my diet and allowed myself treats and some proper bread (oh what I would give for a nice juicy crusty sandwich!) but I felt it was important mentally to break this cycle of thinking….Sure enough Sund ay was definitely the hardest day for me and of course your mind tries to work against you and tell you reasons why you don’t need to do this or why a little treat won’t hurt but you have to be strong and remind yourself of the reasons why you have set your goal.

I have a big motivational poster on my fridge which I look at every morning, filled with great quotes, pictures and reasons why I want to accomplish my goal. I have also told people close to me so they can give me the support I need when I wonder if I can fit any more broccoli into my stomach!

The BEST news is that I am seeing great progress after only a few shorts days AND I am nearly due for my weekly “cheat meal” – Life is good…

So I will be doing regular blogs on my journey – I should make it clear that I certainly do not have aspirations to place, the girls that do this regularly are really just incredible goddesses but the idea is just to get to the point where I can compete…..

If anyone else is on any type of fitness/lifestyle journey, please feel free to share your thoughts and your ups and your downs with me on my facebook page… (

And remember everyone – “Nothing worth having comes easily” – stay strong…..