Our Classes


A brilliant combination of strength/resistance training and short, sharp bursts of cardio on some of the best and most innovative equipment around. No two sessions are ever the same with each session taking a similar format to ‘HIIT” style training (high intensity interval training). This type of training is not only guaranteed to really challenge you during the session and increase your heart-rate to a maximum rate, but will also place your body into a state that will make sure you continue to burn calories for hours later.

We pride ourselves on innovative and unique programming in these sessions; incorporating activation work (brilliant for waking up dormant, yet super important muscles), challenging clients to make that mind-muscle connection and understand what muscle(s) are being worked in the different movements and a strong focus on form and movement pattern of muscles and truly making the most of each session to ensure maximum results.


Bootcamp is run in exactly the same format as strength and conditioning, but is distinguished by the fact that babysitting is included at these times.


This session focuses more on a ‘traditional’ style of weight training where we focus solely on weight-lifting in a format of 3-4 working sets, keeping a rep range of between 4 and 8 reps per exercise. No cardio work will be incorporated into these sessions, outside of the warm-up.

Participants are paired so that they can spot each other if needed, and also ensure that they are taking the appropriate rest time between sets.
Participants will be tutored on correct form and have a more autonomous workout then any of our other workouts. This means they are given the set exercises that they need to get through (often focusing on the ‘upper’ or ‘lower’ body in each session).

Participants are challenged to push their weight lifting to their maximum weight for their level and to be near failure by the last rep of each set.


A wonderful way to shape the entire body, with a strong focus on the lower muscles (think strong, perky, shapely legs and glutes!). Conducted in the glorious Bliss Barre, booty burn is a fun, energetic workout that fuses techniques from dance, pilates and yoga that defines and chisels the body with a big portion of the class conducted on the ‘ballet barre’.

The beauty of this workout is that it is completely low impact, so perfect for those that want results but may be limited with any high impact or jumping movements.


Join our wonderfully experienced Pilates instructor, Nicole, as she teaches proper postural alignment and core and muscle balance and strength.
Pilates is low impact and tests muscular flexibility and strength with a strong focus on the ‘core’. Pilates is such a fabulous compliment to any other exercise you may do, as it really focuses in on some of the most important biomechanics of the body and forces some of the dormant (yet super important muscles in terms of body function). Due to our everyday lives and various movement patterns forced upon us (think sitting at a desk all day, driving for long periods, carrying babies on one hip etc).

Pilates is not focused on an aerobic workout, but do not let that fool you – Some of these movements are guaranteed to have you become aware of muscles you may never have known existed!


Our Yoga classes are run by Amanda who has been teaching yoga for many years and has just completed her advanced yoga instructor course. Amanda will take you through an hour of ‘Vinyasa Yoga’ which is a little more dynamic than other forms of yoga and guaranteed to increase your flexibility, focus on your breathing, increase your muscle strength and tone and help protect you from injury as your body is taken through a very flowing style of yoga.

You will learn to coordinate your movement with breath to flow: and use that breath to get the most out of each movement. Yoga is a wonderfully healing and restorative class, always ending in a period of stillness. This period of stillness will help to clear your mind, relax each part of your body and focus on deep breathing. If you want to relax, stretch, heal and unwind, this is the class for you.


A much different pace can be found in this extremely popular class…..Come along to one of our incredible stretch and release classes where you can release and stretch out all of those tight, sore and hard-working muscles. It’s so important that we take the time to focus on rewarding our body and what it does for us by providing a forum to really lengthen and release the muscles on more than a superficial level.

Amanda will take you through a thorough sequence of stretching for the entire body and focus on releasing any knots or ‘sticky’ parts so that your body can continue to work as efficiently as possible, and try to avoid any pesky injuries.