Exquisite Fitness regularly runs 6 week Challenges throughout the year. With Challenge Number 21 underway, we have really honed in on what we believe the best format is for both getting results, and working around everyone’s busy lives.

There are no commitments to attending minimum classes per week and with the right mindset and determination, incredible things have been achieved over the 6 weeks.

Our 6 week challenge is structured like no other challenge out there. They are specifically designed so that everyone who signs up has a chance to excel and win the major prize. Many Challenges out there are solely based on change in physical appearance and prizes go to those who have lost the most amount of weight.

We wanted to create a challenge where anyone can win – yes the amount of body fat and cm you lose contributes to your point tally but many people have different reasons for entering a Challenge – they may want to increase their fitness, push themselves out of their comfort zone, increase lean muscle, learn better nutrition habits or set better examples for their family.

The point system is designed so that participants can also ‘bump’ up their points by way of completing bonus activities – this may be something that will be beneficial mentally (like designing a goal sheet or a plan for staying on track after the completion of the challenge) or physical (like walking or running 10 laps of a hill).


  • Information Session by head personal trainer, Nerida Smith, on how the challenge is set up and how it works.
  • 1 hour Nutrition seminar conducted by a qualified Nutritionist and some meal ideas;
  • Participation booklet outlining point system, rules etc.
  • Access and inclusion to private facebook group with other challengers at and unlimited options for guidance/support/meal ideas etc…This private group has proven to be extraordinarily effective over the past been over the Challenges. Participants may use it to co-ordinate times to complete tasks, ask ideas on meals and snacks, post their times for certain activities. seek help/ask questions and SO much more. Weekly home workout;
  • Before and after pictures and comparisons at the end;
  • Fitness testing at start and conclusion of Challenge
  • Possibility of winning fantastic prizes.
  • Endless opportunities for better health, vitality, concentration, energy and SO much more
body scan image


You will have your body composition read at the commencement and conclusion of the challenge by a state of the art body scanner machine which tells you every intricate detail you will ever want to know about your body.

At the conclusion of the Challenge, we are provided with a ‘Challenge Report’ which details all of the results of the participants, overall totals, who lost the most cm, whose body fat reduction was the best based on their starting percentage and SO much more.

Contact us to find out more or register your interest for the next Challenge.

To register your interest for our 6 Week Challenge.



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