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Did you know that choosing your work colleagues as exercise companions can increase motivation by way of friendly competitiveness, as well as enhance positive relationships in the workplace and increase work productivity tenfold? Regular exercise helps maintain a healthy weight, decreases stress levels, and improves sleep patterns.

Watch how much your team work better together as they take on various fitness tasks, have fun together, learn all things health and nutrition together, sweat together and get healthy together. Spending time together as colleagues outside of the workplace has been proven to bring everyone closer and boost morale in the workplace and working together towards a unanimous goal is very uplifting.

Exquisite Fitness offers Corporate 6 week Challenges with just the right recipe to enable all of your colleagues (including the boss!) to get fit, healthy and energetic and become the best employee and workmate possible – plus the friendly rivalry and camaraderie certainly helps push everyone harder.

Exquisite Fitness has run Corporate Challenges nation-wide with up to 6 offices across Australia taking on the challenge on a national level. With opportunities to tailor the 6 week program to best suit your office(s), this is a unique opportunity to work with our Head-trainer in working out what will best suit the people you work with.

Some options available for your 6 week program, and what is usually available in the ‘base’ Challenge, is as follows;

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  • 1 hour Nutrition seminar conducted by a Nutritionist which will give you information about macronutrients and what each individual’s targets should be each day, based on their weight;
  • Access and inclusion to private facebook group with other challengers and unlimited options for guidance/support/meal ideas etc…This has been a somewhat unique aspect of the Exquisite Fitness CHallenges, and has been a key component in achieving results as the participants have constant support from their peers and trainer;
  • Participants may use it to co-ordinate times to complete tasks, ask ideas on meals and snacks, post their times for certain activities and SO much more;
  • Weekly home workout;
  • Meal and snack ideas and a rough idea of what your day on a plate may look like;
  • Fitness testing at start and conclusion of Challenge;
  • Compulsory and bonus challenges set via the participation booklet and the private facebook group;
  • The chance to make awesome friendships and connections and explore local surrounds;
  • Start and end photos plus a comparison at the end of the Challenge;
  • Possibility of winning fantastic prizes (to be co-ordinated with each individual corporation)

To find out how we can help your workplace become more unified through health.



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