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Our kids’ programs have been extremely popular and are invaluable for teaching them team-work and working on all sorts of really important aspects of their development as outlined below.

We run term bootcamps for the kids, plus will often run school holiday intensive classes.

As the weeks progress in the term, we introduce more challenging activities, longer circuit times on the co-ordinated activities and shorter rest times. On top of this, your children will enhance their ability to work together in groups and increase their confidence among a group of children they may or may not have already known.

This ensures progression and endurance with their fitness – A summary of the various skills and activities they may undertake during the term is outlined below.

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Agility in these age groups is vital for improving the following:

  • Reaction time
  • Co-ordination
  • Learning to swap their leading/ dominant leg;
  • Balance
  • Foot and body control

Having good balance and practicing activities that enhance balance assist your children by helping them to jump, play sports, climb, skip etc without falling over.

Examples of what your children may perform to work on these skills are listed below:

  • Performing drills through the agility ladders;
  • Performing jumps over hurdles (both small and large) to also assist in their hand/foot co-ordination in changing heights;
  • Practices quick changes in directions (e.g. diagonal cone touching);
  • Performing work on instable surfaces (e.g. planking on the bosu ball);
  • Performed challenging moves such as box jumps
  • Catching moving objects on one-foot and with one hand (e.g. catching tennis balls with one hand where possible while running past);
  • Performing obstacle courses: ducking/weaving/jumping/changing direction
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This is an important sign of nervous system control and development. Honing these skills is greatly beneficial to children in their everyday life in the playground, when playing sports and when in emergency situations.

Examples of work we may do on reflexes:

  • Warm-up drills. In pairs, the children stood around a number of different coloured cones. They had to concentrate on touching different body parts we would call out, while continuously shuffling or performing another exercise;
  • Children may pre-pick a cute animal and give it to the instructor; they may then be asked to hold a plank position and wait for two animals to be called at which time they would sprint to find their animal and return it to me first.
  • Large skipping rope jumps with more than one child;
  • ‘Lilly pad’ game – jogging in a circle and finding a ‘lily pad’ to stand on when the music stops (with one lily pad taken away each time).
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Gross motor skills are the skills acquired using the large muscles of the body in a co-ordinated and controlled way. Movements of the whole arms, the legs and the trunk are all gross motor movements.

Gross motor skills are important to continue to develop as your child gets older as they will help your child do everyday ‘playground’ activities better and enhance their hand and eye co-ordination. This in turn, will increase their self-confidence. They will also assist your child’s posture and assist with the long sitting periods in the class-room.

What is core strength? Your ‘core’ is basically the muscles surrounding the pelvis, back and abdomen – the best example we can give you as to how important it is, is if you think of how strong a tree trunk must be to withhold the weight of its canopy, so too does our core need to be to hold the weight of our limbs and keep our posture correct. If your child has a weaker core, they will find they fatigue more quickly, they will find everyday activities more difficult and they will be more susceptible to back-pain and injuries.

Examples of how we worked on these skills:

  • Running
  • Using the TRX for pull-ups
  • Climbing over boxes
  • Pushing and pulling the sled;
  • Performing back extension exercises such as ‘supermans’
  • Planking in various positions – also holding a sustained plank while Passing a ball under their bodies;
  • Performing push-ups
  • Performing wall sits.
  • Jumping activities (TRX squat jumps, jumping with a tennis ball between their feet without dropping it)

The Kids’ term bootcamp classes run from term to term, however if your child is wanting to have a free-trial to see what it’s about, please let us know and we can slot them in to one of our time-slots. These time slots will vary from term to term so please contact us for more information as to what is currently running.



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