Amanda Herring


Amanda is our ‘Zen Master’ and is in charge of our yoga, stretch and booty burn classes. Amanda has been teaching yoga for many years and is so passionate about bringing body awareness and relaxation to clients. Her immense knowledge of the muscles and how to lengthen, strengthen and tighten them is next to none.

Nerida Smith

Head Trainer and Owner

Nerida is the founder and owner of Exquisite Fitness and has been training clients of all walks of life for over 8 years.

Linda Marsden

Senior Trainer

Linda has a degree in exercise physiology and a certificate 4 in personal training.

Nicole Medway

Pilates Instructor

Nicole has been in the Pilates industry for over 10 years, starting her journey as a student

Katie Sloper


Katie has completed her Cert III in Fitness and has been a client herself of Exquisite since its inception