Nerida is the founder and owner of Exquisite Fitness and has been training clients of all walks of life for over 8 years. Nerida has a certificate IV in personal training and has completed numerous other specified courses to assist in increasing her skills to meet all facets of the community, including antenatal and postnatal clients.

Nerida originally started Exquisite Fitness as she was having difficulty finding an exercise facility herself that allowed her to have the children safely looked after while she had that all-important time to herself.

‘……so often, Mums and Dads invested so much time and energy into their children, at the expense of their own mental and physical health. I believed it was so important for parents to have that ‘time-out’ to just concentrate on themselves. It was also really important that they got ‘real’ results and exercised in a way that would make them feel good again…to regain themselves, their vitality and their energy…. This is my passion: to show people what they are capable of and how good it feels to be fit and healthy again.

Exquisite Fitness has now evolved to all facets of the community – men and women of all ages train at the amazing new studio and Nerida continues to have a huge drive and passion to help train people to become the best versions of themselves. Opening the Studio has been a dream come true and with access now to an incredible amount of training tools, clients will continue to get better and better results.